bte66 (bte66) wrote in nintendorks,

I'm obsessed with my Nintendo DS

I’m completely obsessed with my new Nintendo DS. Does anyone else have one? How did you get it?

I actually got mine from one of those freeipod type sites, but this one was for gaming systems. They do a thing where as long as you do one offer and get 4 referrals to complete their offers, they send you one in the mail.

I think this is the site:
Nintendo DS

Anyways, my question is for anyone who has ever received something from this Gratis Network (the people in charge of this site.) It apparently took my DS only about 2 weeks to arrive in the mail (the normal time is supposed to be about 4.) It took a couple of my friends about 6 weeks though and my cousin had to wait close to 8. Does anyone know if they are just slow because so many people are doing this now? How long did it take you guys to receive one if you did?
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