student janitor (studentjanitor) wrote in nintendorks,
student janitor

The Old School

I clicked on this community after not checking it for months... And looked at the Nintendo Power cover scans that astronomyluna posted... It reminded me of when I started to play games seriously.  And when I started buying videogame magazines.  I enjoyed them a lot more back then, when games were side scrolling and the strategies helped a lot more.... With the pictures/maps of the entire levels.  I think that that's what I miss the most about old times....  How those pictures looked, and the commentary behind them.  And for some reason, it was a lot easier to get excited about a game by looking at screenshots and reading impressions than it is now.  I don't know if it's just me or if it's that that aspect of gaming is gone now that 3D is here and it is simply harder to portray what a game is like without actually showing more than a static picture of a character in a fully 3D area.  Those side scrolling Mega Man and Mario games looked SO GOOD when they showed the entire level in one page... That's not as exciting in 3D, and 2D games are not very impressive anymore. 

Maybe I am just discontent with all the games I have played lately... Lately as in after Banjo Tooie, which is the last game I really enjoyed.
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